Jump Solution

Commercial Strategy for
International Sports

  1. In today’s competitive market the traditional TV and sponsorship sales model is no longer enough for rights holders.

    A long-term 360-degree commercial strategy is needed to ensure that your sport is attractive and accessible, that you connect directly with your communities through digital and social media and that you work with commercial partners to benefit the fan, as well as drive revenues.

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    1. Microplus to be Official Partner of ICMG

      Microplus has signed a 6-year agreement with the ICMG to be the Official Partner for Timing and Scoring of the […]

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    2. cinch to become Title Partner of Queen's Club Championships 2021

      Online car retailer Cinch has agreed a deal with the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) to become the title sponsor of […]

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    3. Sport Hit Factory

      We are at the beginning of an era of massive change in sport, and enormous opportunities for innovation. If we […]

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